Famous People From Boise, Idaho

Famous People From Boise, Idaho

There are many famous people in the world today that are Idaho natives. Some of these people have come to live in Idaho and to raise their families there. Some were born here and have done something wonderful for the betterment of their family’s Idaho roots. And others came to Idaho and loved it, settled down and raised a family, and made Idaho their home.

famous People from Boise Idaho

Perhaps one of the most famous people from Idaho is Boise State University Academician and Author Henry Cloud. He has lived in Idaho all his life, and he certainly has achieved some famous status here. As an Academician, he has written over sixty books and has always had a passion for the written word. He is very well known throughout the world. One of his most recent books, was a volume entitled “Book on Writing.” This book was just released in October of 2021 but already has been praised by many people including the President of the United States, the United Kingdom’s Prince Charles, and even the writer Mark Twain.

Additionally, President Obama honored Henry Cloud at his Inauguration ceremony. And even though it was long expected that President Obama would make an appearance at a Cloud bi-national celebration in Idaho, it actually took place in Washington, D.C. After attending the ceremony, the President made a tour of the restored Biltmore Estate in Washington, D.C.

There are many more famous people that come from Idaho. One of them is Bob Hale, who was the owner of the Bob Hale store in Boise. It was owned by his wife until Mr. Hale passed away in 2021. Now his widow has turned it over to her son, Bob Hale Junior, to run the store. Many of the famous people in Idaho like to shop at the Bob Hale store.

Also on the list of famous people in Idaho are some notable individuals that came before our time. Before our nation was even born, it is said that Lewis and Clark were in the “Big Hole.” This was the location where the first Europeans began what would become the Oregon Trail. Other famous people from Idaho that have become part of our culture include author Mark Twain, state Senator Earl Longley, along with others.

Of course, one cannot forget the Idahoans who helped build the state of Idaho. The pioneers of the Lewis and Clark expedition, for instance, were from Idaho. Idaho is known to hold strong ties to these famous people from Idaho. For instance, Lewis and Clark were allowed to stay in the Grant’s Pass area because they so very badly needed food and supplies.

Idaho also has a rich history in stone. There are many beautiful old monuments all across the state. They are a major part of Idaho’s heritage and they hold many interesting stories and facts about the state. There is a great museum there that features a lot of interesting artifacts.

If you are looking for a place to spend some time, consider booking at the Idaho State Capitol or the Idaho Museum of Natural History. Both of these locations offer plenty of fascinating experiences and they will help you enhance your memory about living in a famous area. Many famous people from Idaho have passed through these two areas and enjoyed many of their favorite activities. It’s a shame that they did not live here, but at least we can honor their footsteps today.

What about famous Boise natives? What about the Beach Boys? These great guys from Boise made history and played a significant role in making Boise what it is today. Boise was an integral part of the music, literature and dance during the period when America was at its greatest. The Beach Boys even made a name for themselves on television as the “ragtime band” and made an indelible mark on our culture.

Do you like to take long hikes around the forest? Do you like to fish or maybe you love to build model airplanes? Perhaps you would also like to do some mountain climbing or maybe go hiking with your dog? You can find many hiking clubs in Boise Idaho, just like you can find many clubs in Boise, New York City.

Are you looking for more celebrities from Boise, Idaho? Try the World Famous Dogs of New York on YouTube. You will get a list of famous people from Boise and Idaho that you may not have heard of otherwise. You will learn about the best places to take pictures, the best food joints, and learn about their lives. It is a very entertaining video featuring Boise celebrities you may have never heard of before.



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